EPISODE 41: Weapons in Avowed Trailer

EPISODE 41 is now available on a variety of podcast outlets. Here are direct links for the iTunes and Spotify versions.

EPISODE 41 includes both American and European fans sharing their gameplay impressions of the newly released Starfield. Did it live up to the hype? Was it worth the long wait? What does it tells us about the current state of development at Bethesda?

One Comment on “EPISODE 41: Weapons in Avowed Trailer

  1. You guys were talking about different examples of melee combat in FPS games, even saying that there never has been good melee combat. It’s a little subjective to say that, plenty of people really enjoy the combat of chivalry for example. The game I wish you had mentioned tho is wathammer vermintide 2. It’s a FPS coop melee combat game so melee combat is inherently am important part of it, and to me it is a perfect example of how good FPS melee can be. It’s a simple click and slash combat but with weapons were you really feel their weight, the animations are great and enemies react appropriately when hit. I hadn’t played the game in years and watching the avowed trailer got me back into vermintide 2. I am hoping that avowed will take some notes from vermintide 2.

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